Copywriting: A Powerful Ministry Expansion Tool

Many mega ministries have long understood that great copy writing is one of the most effective methods of promoting ministry initiatives, products and services; and quite arguably, the proof is in the numbers. The organizations who have not tapped into this powerful marketing strategy, on the other hand, often find themselves struggling to grow and expand.

You may be wondering why copy writing is embraced worldwide as an integral part of an organization's overall marketing strategy. I'll attempt to answer that question very succinctly. Copy writing is so effective because it skillfully persuades prospects to support ministry initiatives, products and services. Copy writing gets results because it taps into the psychology of the reader and evokes a desired response.

The question is not whether you need a copywriter, because every leader who is serious about growth and expansion needs one. Rather, you should be asking, “How do I find the best copywriter for my ministry?” Ultimately, you must decide what's right for your ministry, but here are a few helpful tips to guide your search.

Avoid Hype.

It's not hard to find copywriters all over the internet, promising to make you a millionaire with just one letter, but don't get caught up in the hype. Avoid copywriters who make ridiculous claims about what they can do for your organization, backed by even more ridiculous guarantees.

View at least three work samples and make sure that their style and approach is compatible with your ministry's objectives. Talk to them before you embark upon the project and always, always, always sign a contract. Any reputable copywriter will put your agreement in writing.

Choose an Ethical Copywriter.

For some copywriters, “ethical persuasion” is an oxymoron. They believe that conniving and convincing are one and the same. This approach to copywriting can seriously hurt your ministry's reputation, as well as the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

Even though you want and need a copywriter to promote what you have to offer, be sure to choose one who understands the moral and ethical guidelines that govern your ministry. You don't want anyone employing underhanded manipulation tactics that could eventually backfire.

Select a Great Researcher.

A truly great copywriter will conduct extensive research into the psychology of your base and industry best practices. Why? Because an exceptional copywriter knows that a thorough understanding of your mission, your base and your unique objectives, are essential elements in choosing the absolute best copywriting strategy for your ministry.

Source by Dianna Hobbs

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