Things You Need to Know Before Buying Solo Ads

If you don't know already, but solo ads can make or break you!

If solo ads were a person, it'd say, “like a sprained ankle boy ain't nothing to play with” in Lil' Wayne's voice. It's no joke, the costs can burn a hole through your pockets.

Don't just take our word for it, watch the video below from an experienced affiliate marketer who basically lost $20k-30k using solo ads (start around 7:55 if you don't watch the entire video).

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This should be your last resort. It's just not a good investment for your money. Only use this if you've exhausted other ways to get leads and have extra cash to burn. It's not newbie friendly as it costs a lot of upfront money.

If you want to try solo ads, take a look at Udimi marketplace, you'll find many reputable sellers on there who have provided proven sales results for their customers.

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